Sate of Art Visual Communication Methods to Get Closer to Your Audience.

viviCom: One Step Closer to the Digital Transformation

To improve and support SME's media operation Cefinity has developed viviCom an omni-dimensional intention communication solution, that enables businesses,capabilities of precise information delivery to the right recipients.

What Do We Offer?

viviCom is a complete eco-system providing users with everything ever needed: store, sort, aggregate, create and broadcast content in various formats, including live streams; broadcast on multiple screens in different location and monitor system performance and recipients,feedback through centralized management; control your panels from your PC or mobile device.

Cloud Based

ViviCom is cloud based and supports multiple connectivity and panel types, while intuitive interface makes operation simple.


Create new media, send out targeted message and manage your data at ease!


ViviCom is the only system, that automatically adjusts the content based on who is watching and collects the feedback, available on the market.


Seamless IoT connectivity enables such function as gender, age, height recognition, ambience creation using sound or smells and many more


Complete set of design functions
AAdvanced features to create immerse experience (visual, sound, smell, etc. effects)

Content Management
Easy data migration
Tags and labelsa
Support of all formats
Centralized management

Intention Delivery
Advanced playback policies
Content aggregation
Playback scheduling
Field set up

Extremely User Friendly
Simple set up
Centralized management
Intuitive interface
All in one system (built in CMS)

Support of all endpoint devices
Flawless playback on big number of screens
IoT support
API support


We provide you with viviCom Cloud Platform, Cloud IaaS, Live Video injection and IoT input.
To take your platform to the next level choose your add-ons from a set of services:

01. viviCom Cloud Platform, 1 x Gata A1 and 1x Gata A1 Access Licenses
02. Customer Content input consulting
03. Content publish plan consulting
04. Regular operation consulting
05. Regular templates release
06. Industry reports and benchmarks
07. Data collection, analysis and consultation
08. Enterprise marcomm commercial design
09. Customers support, infrastructure configuration
10. Regular updates, bug fixes, new editing features, new content

And of course, we will make sure you can use your system to its full potential providing you and your team with a hands-on training.

For more information,
pricing details and discounts contact Cefinity sales