DEO: Digital Enterprise Operation

DEO: Digital Enterprise Operation

To support SMEs in their digital transformation, Cefinity has developed DEO, a comprehensive and unified platform that empower a seamless experience among business units and stakeholders, with the advantage of simplified process design and automation and extensive business intelligence for data-driven decision and improved business flexibility.

Enable Enterprise Digital Transformation with DEO

Manage partners, suppliers and customers has never been so easy, and thanks to real time analytics and reports it is possible to constantly overview processes and develop better business strategies, improving efficiency and risk management.
Moreover, the value of data and business intelligence is higher than ever before and DEO release their full potential with an innovative system integration able to connect to external open data and third parties API to access new business insight to sustain data-driven decision-making and innovation.

How Deo enables digital transformation?

To enable digital transformation, DEO takes advantage of some technological features to offer clients a seamless experience.

Next generation Ecosystem Ready

Capability to link to live stream open data such as: Gov. Open data, Social Media, Third Parties API, etc.

Native Cloud Based Application

Can run on any cloud giving the opportunity to use the best components (S3, Bucking, etc.)

Seamless Connectivity

Support any connectivity (5G, M2M, IoMT, etc.)

Robotics Process Automation

Enable robot/machines to initiate flows enhancing automated IoT and M2M processes. (IoT)


Realtime Data

Process status
Financial reports

Analytics Tools

Anticipate trends
Reduce risks
Improve strategies


Simplify flows
Time/Cost efficient
Optimize operations


Avoid data silos
Improve communication
Employee satisfaction

Mobility and Security

Cloud based
Mobile App
GPS support



These information represent the foundation of all operation and play a vital role in the planning of correct digital operations.Basic information include organization structure, products, customers, vendors, partners and all enterprise assets, such as vehicles, warehouse, business sites etc.


Customer Experience Management Traditional CRM platforms primary goal is to retain existing customers by maintaining and improving company's relationship with them.DEO instead focus on the Customer Experience, reacting to customer interactions and following them in their journey to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Enterprise Cloud Portal Different solutions for different needs. DEO offer a cloud-based platform that enable access from any device and any location.On the other hand, the flexibility of the platform, allow large enterprise to install the software on their side, taking advantage of their network infrastructure.


Purchase Sale Inventory DEO offers a solution to manage your resources and improve planning.Thanks to Real time data and reports is possible to increase accuracy in inventory planning and forecasts, while automated process improves overall performances for a better and more efficient supply chain.

Choose your add-ons from a set of services:

1. Current state analysis
Gather all information about Enterprise ecosystem and analyze relations among each component and workflow.


2. Organization structure innovation
Help to define roles and responsibilities within the digital transformation.


3. Digitalization consulting
Support in the digitalization of all enterprise data, including migration services.


4. Process automation consulting
Design of ad-hoc solution to improve business operation and automate flows.


5. Visioning and education
Targeted trainings to improve platform use and understanding among all business units.


6. Future state opportunities
Identify the gaps between the current state and industry best practices to develop future strategies.

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