Network as a Service(NaaS)

Cefinity's Network as a Service (NaaS) is a service for enterprises network transformation connected enterprise.

NaaS provide the optimization of network traffic engineering as a whole enterprise's network.

Provide network managed services as 

● Directory

● Planning

● Diagnostic

● Security

● Optimization

Reliable Unified Network

NaaS has three key factors: reliable, unified, and network.
Enterprise network connections include the following LAN, WAN, mobile, business cloud, extranet, and the Internet are for people use.
Enterprise unified carrying things includes the following personal computers, communications, information centers, facility environments, production equipment, business machines.
There is a process between people and things, so companies pay attention to reliability. Different processes have different indicators, such as security, quality, scalability, availability, visibility, and manageability.
Cefinity provides managed services for enterprise based on enterprise reliability.

Network as a Services

Border Connectivity

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Threat Prevention

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Quality Optimization

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Measurement Visibility

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Enterprise Networking

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Network as a Service Support