Border Connectivity

Cefinity's Border Connectivity provides multiple gateway solutions to satisfy the needs of WAN interconnection through the era of cloudization that are secured, optimized , scalable and cost effective for the network architecture requirements of an enterprise, small medium businesses (SMB) and SOHO.
The border network lies in between the public internet and the Enterprise network. Proviing cost effective solutions for secured access or gateway path for organization's internet, intranet and extranet.


Fusion VNF is a virtualized network border connectivity solution that provide individual network functions. It moves out the dedicated hardware devices into software that runs on commodity hardware
Its capabilities such as :

  • Network and Link Virtualization
  • Network and Link Quality Measurement
  • Traffic Intelligent Dispatch
  • Network, Link and Traffic Visibility
  • Cloud Control and Management


The Fusion Wan series are specially catered for large, medium enterprises, datacentres or campus network that provides a variety of features for the customers such as

  • Intelligent uplink selection
  • Flexible bandwidth management control
  • Network traffic link visibility
  • Basic Network Security policy management and VPN features
  • Various divesified network reports


The Fusion Express series are an excellent network border connectivity solution for a lite and compact requirements catered for small or SOHO enterprises.
The simplicity of fusion express makes it much more cost effective and easiar to deploy for small medium size network. It is considered the "lighter" version of Fusion WAN