Enterprise Networking

To provide the network communications backbone that connect computers and related devices across workgroup, departments and other multiple networks, which facilitate the connectivity insight and data accessibility.


Flex Netmatics provides a unified Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE) to eliminate expensive and multiple proprietary hardware appliance to be deployed for an Enterprise Network. Running on a single universal platform, Flex Netmatics is able to support multiple array of Network Virtual Functions simultaneously and in parallel that consist of :

  • Boder Connectivity Gateways (Fusion)
  • Threat Prevention (Precise)
  • Quality Optimization (Assure)
  • Measurement Visibility (Insight)
  • Other types of Virtualize Network functions


Flex Core is a high capacity core switch positioned within the backbone or the physical core of a network. They allow the final aggregation point for the network and allow multiple aggregation devices to work together.


Flex wireless is advance wireless solution that provide virtualize Wlan controller that manages access points and support multiple types of wireless technology such as 802.11x (Wifi) , 802.15.1 (Zigbee), 802.15.4 (Bluetooth) to enable wireless communication for traditional Wifi, Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M). One of the key components of Flex wireless is that can provide an enablement function to be a collection point of raw data from IoT or M2M that to be processed for analytical,statistical or decision making for the enterprise.