Threat Prevention

Cefinity's threat prevention is designed to protect the usability and integrity of the network and data. It targets a variety of threats and stops the intruder or threats from entering or spreading on the network.

Based on 4 major components :
  • Precise Contextual Awareness
  • Precise Threat Prevention
  • Precise Behavioral Control
  • Precise Management and Control


Precise VNF is a virtualized security precise solution to provide a full suite of network security awareness, protection and prevention. It moves out the dedicated hardware devices into software that runs on commodity hardware. It is catered for threat prevention between enterprise internal or external network, or for internal segmentation and datacenter.
Providing contextual awareness, threat protection, behavior control and operation control management are key components and that can be easily scale up or scale out to meet the demanding needs of today's network security enterprise requirements.


Precise Wan provides threat prevention for the border gateway, which is in between the external (internet, intranet, extranet) and internal network of an enterprise. It can be easily scale up to provide:

  • Precise network contexual awareness
  • Network security
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Application Security for behavior control
  • Email, data and Web security


Precise Fabric is a solution specialize for internal segmentation and IDC that requires high performance, high port density and low latency to cater on the requirements of security threat prevention requisites. It can be efforlessly scale up or scale out with network performance of 40Ge to 100Gb that are suited for critical workgroup, datacenters or cloud virtual environemnt. Security functions include :

  • Internal DDoS / Intrusion Prevention​
  • Vulnerability Scanning​
  • Data Center Service / Application ACL ​
  • Client-Server Connection Limited​
  • Data Base Activity Monitoring​
  • Application Delivery (Server Load Balancing)​
  • Internal Tunnel​ (virtual circuit)
  • Application DSCP or TOS Marking​